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The original system of the town fortification was mentioned in 1257 and afterwards disappeared without a trace. Today's Gothic system of fortifications was built in two phases. The inner walls date back to around 1360 to 1380, they were repaired in the years 1502-1505.The inner wall is in some places over 10 m high and 2 m thick, fitted with a crooked battlements and angular towers.

On one of them, between the street and Novobranská Zítková is engraved chalice of the Hussite period, while others were modified in the 19th century for residential purposes. Western tower (the brewery) was in 1705 adapted as an observation pavilion called Jesuit observatory. The outer moat wall (originally 4.5 meters high, built around 1513) is preserved to a height of about 3m.

Today's perimeter of the walls is about 1800 meters. The walls had originally four gates: eastern - Long Gate (demolished in 1863), South - called Mostecká (on the way to the port, demolished in 1831), Western - called Michalská (according to the neighboring church, demolished in 1839) and the North - called "New" (previously Cínová, demolished in 1839).

Gothic walls form the border the urban conservation area which was announced by the Ministry of Culture of the Czechoslovak Republic (In 1978).



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