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Lookout Tower Hořidla

Hořidla is a lookout tower located on the hill of the same name, at a height of 371 m above sea level. southwest of the village Chotiněves. Only walking access on field and forest roads is possible to the lookout tower. From the Třebutičky-Encovany road, turn left at the crossroads, or directly from Chotiněves or Jištěrp. The nearest railway station is Horní Řepčice (approx. 3 km away). The lookout tower is freely accessible all year round.

Lavender garden Klapý

tel: +420 603 875 307
adresa: Klapý

The lavender garden is located on private land and its owner provides it to the public during the growing season to visit, relax and explore. The garden is still under construction and includes its own workshop of decorations, products and products with a lavender theme. In the garden there is also a forge and arranging workshop.

Doksany Monastery

tel: +420 731 402 403
adresa: Doksany 1, 411 82 Doksany

In Doksany, about 10 km from Litoměřice, there is a Premonstratensian convent. The history of the monastery church in Doksany begins with the preparations for the establishment of the canonry of the Premonstratensian sisters. The foundation stone of the monastery church was probably laid in 1144, and about a year later the first sisters from the monastery in Dünwald came to this place, provisionally.

ruins of the Hazmburk castle

tel: +420 606 175 052

3.5 km northwest of Libochovice near the village Klapý on a basalt hill ruins of Házmburk are located. Házmburk (in German Hasenburg), sometimes Klapý, is a relatively well-preserved ruin of a castle from the 13th century. Of the castle survived two stone towers, that are one of the unmistakable landmarks of the Natural Park of Lower Poohří.

hill Milešovka

tel: +420 773 760 534
adresa: Mount Milešovka, Milešov, 411 32 Velemín

The highest mountain of České středohoří is Milešovka (837 above the sea level) located 20 km from Litoměřice, a national nature reserve. On the top there is an accessible weather station since 1904.

German naturalist A. Humboldt called in 1819 view from Milešovka as the third best view in the world. At the southern foot of Milešovka there is a Milešov village with a Renaissance chateau from the 16th century. It was built on a basaltic rock. The castle is not open to the public, there is a retirement home. The second highest peak of the Bohemian Uplands (České středohoří) is Hradišťany, 752 above the sea level, 7km southwest from Milešovka.

Boreč hill

web: Wikipedia - Boreč v Českém středohoří
tel: +420 416 571 174
adresa: NPP Borečský vrch, 411 32 Velemín

An unique clinkstone mound with an altitude of 446 m near Režný Újezd ​​by Lovosice. Thanks to specific geological conditions, steam rises from the top of the mountain in winter, which makes it one of the most attractive tourist destinations in the wider area in freezing weather.

Chateau Ploskovice

tel: +420 724 474 592
adresa: Ploskovice 1, 411 42 Ploskovice

Ploskovice Castle was built as a summer residence by Grand Duchess Anna Marie Františka Tuscany in the first quarter of the 18th century. Originally it was a smaller chateau, nevertheless its demanding Baroque decoration was made by the most important Prague artists, the painter V. V. Reiner and the plasterer T. Soldatti.

hill Radobýl

Radobýl is a basalt hill located in the Central Bohemian Highlands. It rises above the village of Žalhostice on the right bank of the river Elbe, 3 km west of Litoměřice.
The characteristic,half-"bitten" silhouette of the hill is due to a former quarry, which uncovered and extracted a large part of the western side of the hill on several floors


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