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address: Klášterní vinné sklepy, Velká Dominikánská 11, Litoměřice


The cellars are located almost in the center of Litoměřice in the former Dominican monastery, where we can find also an ancient cellar from 1223 with well-known "Apostolic Barrels".
The Litoměřice Monastery wine cellars produce wines of varietal and attributive quality, as well as the trademark wine Radobýl (white and red) bearing the name of the hill Radobýl, which was donated by Charles IV. in 1359 Litoměřice to grow grapevine on its slopes. For those interested, it is possible to order wine tour and a wine cellar with wine tasting (minimum for 10 persons).
The Litoměřice Monastery wine cellars offer for sale also some archive wines of older years. Wines can be purchased at a business outlet directly at the headquarters of the company, or at a square in the shop named Vinný Šenk.



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Městské Informační centrum
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Mgr. Ladislav Chlupáč

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Městský úřad Litoměřice
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