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Lovoš Hill

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Thanks to its size, graceful shape, steep slopes and location above the Elbe, the distinctive, 570 m high conical mountain northwest of Lovosice is the main landmark of Lovosice. There is a tourist cottage with restaurant at the top.

From a geological point of view, Lovoš is formed by basalt rocks. The neighboring 80 m lower peak called Kybička or also Malý Lovoš has a clinkstone composition. The southern and southwestern slopes of the mountain are occupied by rocky and rubble sections with grassy steppe and bushy forest-steppe vegetation. Thanks to valuable natural species ​​(rare fauna and flora), a nature reserve with an area of ​​50 ha was declared in 1948 on the territory of Lovoš and Kybička. The first cottage was built on the top of a hill in 1894. The current cottage was completed in 1930. Since 1990 it has been owned by the Czech Tourists Club.

You can climb to the top by a steeper path along the green tourist trail from Lovosice or along the blue trail by a more gradual ascent from Oparno. There is a restaurant offering regional products.


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