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An unique clinkstone mound with an altitude of 446 m near Režný Újezd ​​by Lovosice. Thanks to specific geological conditions, steam rises from the top of the mountain in winter, which makes it one of the most attractive tourist destinations in the wider area in freezing weather.

 This phenomenon was first documented and described in 1833, when it was considered a manifestation of volcanic exhalation. The correct explanation was provided in 1881 by the Prague university professor Jan Krejčí. The steam rising from its peak is not related to active volcanic activity. A certain connection with volcanism can be found only in the geological origin of the mountain. During the solidification of the hot magmatic body and subsequent geological processes, a complex system of cracks formed inside the bell-shaped subsoil. These cracks, professionally called ventaroles (from the Latin ventus = wind), allow air to flow from the foot of the mountain to the top and back. The flow direction is based on a stable temperature inside the mountain. In winter, this process has the following course: The air is sucked into the interior of the mountain at the foot, inside it is heated up to 16 degrees, while it is enriched with moisture from the surrounding rock. The whole process is then completed by the outflow of warm air at the top of the hill. 


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